Sunday 8 July 2012

HO scale railway baseboards.

Had another thought for supporting the baseboard - namely with a 3" x 2" baton running along the back wall on which the straight edge of the baseboard would sit and perhaps 2 or 3 legs in addition.

Le Capitole:

Thinking ahead to some weathering issues - or rather, anti-weathering.

Take a look at these two photographs.

My Roco model

The real thing.
The big difference is the high gloss finish on the real Le Capitole. It looks as if it's made of metal. My model has a matter finish and looks as if it's made of plastic.

Over the next few months I will explore the whole issue of re-painting my rolling stock. Yes, in order to weather them and thus impart reality but also to simulate a metal finish.

I might have to buy a spray gun.

Alex Smoke:

Went to the gym today and played Alex Smoke on the earphones to egg me on.

Last night's dinner:

Will be on a financial and culinary diet for the next few weeks.

Liver, potato and courgette.

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