Friday 27 July 2012

Jouef 040 TA 28 Les Batignolles

Had a closer look today at my little Jouef shunting engine that I converted to DCC running by installing a tiny computer chip.

Decided to find out more about it's history.

"Les Batignolles" is printed beside the driver's foot-plate. Apparently this refers to an area of Paris which is to undergo massive regeneration. This locomotive was based there - St Lazare being the station.

The extensive sidings.

Artist's impression of regeneration.

The loco was built before 1920 and was in service as a shunter at St Lazare/Les Batignolles until 1970.

I came across this blow-up diagram of the Jouef model. Couldn't download it to blog directly so took a photograph of laptop screen.

Last night's dinner:

Unremarkable and forgot to photograph it.

Listening to:

At the present moment listening to Yevgeny Sudbin playing some Scriabin piano pieces.

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