Saturday 14 July 2012

Raising the Baseboard

After 4 hours of  sporadic and mirthless labour, I managed to raise my baseboard to its final position. I won't bore you (or myself by having to type it out) with all the details but it involved sawing wood, screws, a spirit level, string, double-sided sellotape, raw plugs, an electric drill and many different sized drill bits, and a carpenter's tape measure - I hope he doesn't mind - and a brush and pan.

I can't say I enjoyed doing any of the above. It was a necessary chore.

At the moment the board is supported by a baton of wood which runs along the back of the wall and some Ikea trestles and a wooden leg I made myself.

The baton will remain but the trestles and my wooden leg will be replaced by some telescopic Ikea table legs.

Hope these pictures convey the current state of affairs.

Close up of the baton.

The baton extends, in readiness for the additional length of baseboard which will run over the radiator.

Groove Armada:

Naturally, listened to loads of music while doing all this, including 'Soundboy Rock' by Groove Armada.

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