Tuesday 24 July 2012

R garlic M odélisme C halonnais

Found some good photographs on the web from a club in Chalon sur Saone, Rail Modélisme Chalonnais. When I got Google to translate it, it came out as "R garlic M odélisme  C halonnais". I think "ail" must be French for "garlic".

Anyway, here are some pictures of their HO layouts.

Divine Mercy:

This diary (see picture below) has been a source of comfort and encouragement to me for many years.

Written in the 1930s by a Polish nun, Sister (later Saint) Faustina, it records her visions of Jesus and what he said to her.

It's not everybody's cup of tea, and even within the Catholic Church the Devotion to Divine Mercy is not welcomed by all. Nevertheless, I have frequently been surprised to see evidence of groups meeting in churches all over Europe. The tell-tale sign is this painting being on show (usually perched on an easel) somewhere in the church. And the motto, "Jesus I trust in You."

Nowadays, I simply open the diary at random. Last night, I alighted on this entry:

"7 July, 1937. In times of doubt; that is, when the soul is weak, let it ask Jesus himself to act. Although it knows that it should act by the grace of God, nevertheless, at certain times, it is better for it to leave all action to God."

That entry reminds me of the end of Pilgrim's Progress when the hero, at the very last step of his journey has only the river to swim. And he feels the waters drag him down and he chastises himself for having let God down by not having enough faith to reach the other side and Salvation. But, of course, it is this very acknowledgement of weakness which is a sign of the deepest faith and it is this handing over to God of one's life that leads to his Salvation as he finds himself lifted up and arriving at the other side; his journey complete.
Last night's dinner:

Cous-cous, sea bass and avocado.

On the way home in the car today was listening to Radio 3 at the beginning of a recorded concert. The compere said that we were about to hear a piece by the greatest  composer and conductor alive today.  I wondered who he was going to name? James MacMillan was the only one I could think of. But it wasn't him. Answer tomorrow.

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