Wednesday 25 July 2012

Back to Ballast.

The visual effect that I want to simulate on the tracks is that found in this photograph.

The key features are, I think, these:

1. Take a look at my existing track which illustrates the necessity for lightening the colour of the sleepers.

So the first task will be to spray paint the whole area of the track with a mixture of different light browns.

2. But then quickly wipe the tops and inner flanges of the metal rails so that electrical conductivity isn't compromised and the shiny metal top surface is preserved.

3. The ballast is very light coloured, dirty brown in places and fairly thinly scattered.

In yesterday's blog I included a photograph of a layout in Chalon sur Saone. I think their ballast is in too great abundance and too evenly spread compared with the picture at the top of this page.

This is the ballast I will use and I'll have to take care not to spread it too evenly or too deeply.

From Woodland Scenics:

Finally, I will use a paint brush to apply patches of randomised dark patches of oil and other discolourants.

Pierre Boulez:

Yesterday I posed a question: and the answer is "Pierre Boulez". He is in his late eighties now, but yes, many consider him to be the greatest living composer/conductor.

I've got quite a lot of his recordings: both his own compositions (very discordant and avant garde) and him conducting the great orchestras of the world in a mainstream repertoire.

Last night's dinner:

Surprisingly delicious: sausage stew and mashed potato.

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