Tuesday 5 February 2013

Blog resumed

The main drawback with this blog is its mediocre prose.

But, with one exception, little can be done about that so I'll press on. The exception is that I'll try to use the 1st person pronoun less often. Eg the first person pronoun will be used less often.

From today, the blog is going to become more personal (despite what was said in the preceding blog).

This will not be to everyone's taste: some will find what I have to say, "pathetic". Others will find it, "naive". Some will wonder why I'm bothering to report banalaties dressed up as insights. Some will despise and mock; others will patronise and pity; most will ignore it.

But, I believe that somewhere in the ether there will be a  soul who, being at the same stage of spiritual development as I, will be sympatico.

As of today, I've given up my employment and intend to survive for as long as possible on my savings.

The trips to Europe and the consumption of European food and wine will continue but on a shoestring budget. Success or otherwise in achieving these economies will form part of the blog.

Reports will continue to appear about music listened to and books being read.

Because there will be more time available, more work should be done on the French model railway and thus there should be more to report on in the blog regarding same.

The biggest change will be in the space devoted in the blog to my prayer life.

Finally, the balance between images and text is going to remain the same ie as little text as possible.

So, roll on tomorrow.


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