Tuesday 19 February 2013

Little to Report


Spent quite a bit of time looking for a suitably coloured paper or card to make the shutters for the Boulevard Haussmann windows.

In the end, found a label from a recent stationery purchase whose lime green colour goes well against the pink walls of the building.

The fact that parts of the label are red or purple or black and white I find acceptable. I don't like uniformity in these things. In real life the shutters of a building are not likely to all be exactly the same in appearance.

So, with a permanent marker pen, I set about making hundreds of little dashes which I hope, when cut out, will look like shutters.

A pair of shutters in position.

Ceramics class tonight. What I do there will depend upon what pieces of mine have been fired during the past 7 days.

Currently listening to:

Feeling a bit flat and Boards of Canada was about all I felt like listening to.

Last night's dinner on a shoestring:

A boiled leek, black pudding, two poached eggs and mashed sweet potato.

Close up of poached egg.

There was some mashed sweet potato left over and so had that for lunch with a Scotch pie that happened to be in the fridge.

If this shoestring campaign is to have any meaning then I'm going to have to detail the prices of the various constituents.


Walked to Mass this morning at St Paul's, Whiteinch, but still couldn't be bothered embarking upon this Meditation business.

Encumbered with the contradictory thoughts that it might either lead to nothing or to a daunting realisation that I might not want to have.

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