Sunday 17 February 2013

Repairing Ceramics with Epoxy Resin

Repairing Ceramics with Epoxy Resin:

One of the surprising facts about ceramics is that objects are almost infinitely repairable.

Remember in 2006 when a visitor to the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge tripped over his shoelaces and smashed two rare and priceless Chinese vases.


It has been a constant refrain in my own ceramics class. "Oh, don't worry about that. We can fix that."

Therefore, I have always been confident that the final wall of my Boulevard Haussmann building could be fixed. It cracked in two after its first firing some months ago.

Prior to manufacturing its FIMO window frames it would be necessary to glue it back together. This was done yesterday with quick setting epoxy resin.

The two pieces

Epoxy resin

Applying glue to one of the surfaces.

Compressing the two pieces for a few minutes.

Total success.
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A mixture of all the downloads purchased from iTunes since the beginning of the year.

Ranking Trevor

And the latest compilation of tracks provided by the Tango Class I attend.

I have to say, that I'm surprised at how parsimonious I've been on the iTunes front in 2013.

Last night's dinner:

I wish I could kill this tendency, when shopping, to buy the most expensive item of food on display.

Yesterday, as usual, the counter in the fishmongers was a joy to behold and pride of place, and rarely seen, was Turbot.

As I bought it (£23 - including pensioner's discount - for one large fillet) I knew that I was being gripped by greed, But I couldn't help myself.

There were many other species of white fish there; all vastly cheaper. And, frankly, I wouldn't have been able to tell them apart in a blind test.

The offending item - pre the cooking.

Served with a leek and two fennel and potato croquettes

Washed down with draught Italian Merlot from a new shop off Byres Road, Glasgow.

Knee report:

Instead of going to the gym for knee strengthening exercises (which I find very boring), I went for a long walk around the streets of the West End of Glasgow and, for the first time, I was wearing the McDavid knee brace that I have, up until now, and for the past 5 years, only worn when playing squash.

I wanted to test whether the brace, by eliminating the lateral movement in my knee, would make walking a more feasible activity.

The experiment was a great success but after 2 hours, when I removed the brace, my leg was extremely hot to the touch.

An expert friend of mine is requisitioning for me a lighter model of brace.

My current brace
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Chapter three concentrates on the element of  'simplicity'. One should aspire to a single-mindedness in one's approach to life ie single-mindedly Christian.

I'm a million miles away from achieving that. Looks like I'll be adopting that cross-legged position sooner rather than later.

Mention was also made of the Rhineland mystics, among them John Ruusbroec. I'll find out more about them and him.

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