Monday 25 February 2013

Parisian Garrets

I love this definition of a garret from Wikipedia.

"A garret is generally synonymous in modern usage with a habitable attic or small (and possibly dismal or cramped) living space at the top of a house."

Anyway, the addition of some garrets is the next stage in the construction of my ceramic building.

Current position

Projected garrets and dome.

Last night's dinner on a shoestring:

Fish and chips

These were what pass for standard fish and chips in Glasgow these days: perfectly edible but nothing special. There are outstanding purveyors of fish and chips in Scotland  eg on the East coast and indeed on the Clyde coast too.

Cost was £5.80.

Can one eat well each evening on an average of £5 per meal? ie £35 per week?

Currently listening to:

Found someone to accompany me to the forthcoming Eels concert and they were so grateful that they got down on the ground and actually kissed my shoes?

In preparation for concert, downloaded another two albums from iTunes.

from 1998

from 2009
Meditation update:

Instead of attempting meditation today, will attend a talk this evening at my local church  on the role of suffering in Christianity.

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