Thursday 7 February 2013

Explaining my mission

Over the next week or so, features will be added to the walls of what has been referred to in this blog as the Boulevard Haussmann building - in HO scale, of course.
At present the 4 walls have still to be stuck together and some kind of roof added - probably made from card.
The walls  look very spartan indeed at present. Plenty of features are required.
One possibility would be to add shutters and a dark card background with a white window frame painted thereon.
But, the strips of wall between the windows would be cluttered if shutters were added in the way illustrated above.
One sometimes sees in France shutters that are folded in on themselves when open thus covering the inner edges of the window aperture. See the bottom picture below. I'll try that approach. That will add some texture to the walls.

I'll make the shutters from folded coloured card.

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Needed my spirits lifting so...........

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Songs From Northern Britain.

Last night's dinner on a shoestring:

Vegetable soup and bread.

With this machine one just chucks in the vegetables, closes the lid and presses the button. 25 minutes later, the soup is ready.

Washed down with milk.

Explaining my mission:

Spent much of the day explaining to my soon to be ex-clients why I'm taking an open-ended sabbatical to pursue my religious project.

Didn't do a very good job of it!

I'll have another bash at it here:

However, I want to keep things to the minimum of text each day.

Basic aims:

1) Not to retreat from the temporal world but to embrace it with enthusiasm in the knowledge that because God created it, it must be worth embracing.

2) To embrace it in a Christian fashion.

3) To discover the pre-conditions and implications of 1) and 2).

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful painting of a church that exists. "The Church at Auvers" by van Gogh.

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