Friday 22 February 2013

Plastic Padding and Ceramics

With Chemical Metal or as I have always known it, "Plastic Padding", stuck together the 4 walls of the HO scale model of the Boulevard Haussmann building.

Quite tricky to line up the walls and perch them in position while the joins are filled with the glue. This is where my attitude is poor. I just grabbed whatever objects were immediately to hand and stacked them higgledy-piggledy inside the walls and abutting the outside of the walls.

Next, I mixed up the two components of the Plastic Padding (viz the adhesive and the hardener) and filled in the gap between  two of the walls.

NOTE: I must have used a tad too much hardener in the first mix and the Padding set hard within a couple of minutes of mixing it. So the finish of the first join was a bit lumpy.The other three were improvements on this.

Lumpy finish which will be filed smooth

Still quite a few decorative features to be added and some polyfilla to smooth out the joins between the walls.

Plus the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night's dinner not on a shoestring:

Had my annual dinner with a friend that I used to work for.

Forgot to take photographs of the individual dishes.

But the restaurant was very good and the Lenten observances were not observed.

Starter: Hen's egg plus stuff plus veloute.

Main: Pork cheeks

Dessert: Rhubarb and some kind of cheesecake

All excellent.

Plus: my dining companion gave me my new lightweight knee brace.



Did nothing on this front whatsoever.

Two new novels to read:

Currently listening to:

Francis Poulenc

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