Sunday 28 July 2013

Backdrop - homing in on a solution.

The problem for which I want a solution is to have a dramatic and atmospheric backdrop which doesn't at the same time overwhelm the buildings of the actual layout.

Yesterday's effort.
I was going to leave this as it was but, accidentally, while browsing through my pictures library, I came across this earlier sketch for a backdrop - very rough and ready, but, as I see it again, it seems to fit the bill rather well.

I like the combination of black against the orange wall and I like the industrial, brutal and smoky feel of the black itself.

So, I wielded one of  my black permanent markers.

The buildings will have to be given the same treatment as the tower. Then, I'll cut them out so that they are silhouettes against the orange wall.

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The Contours

Still going strong
Last night's dinner:

An absolute triumph.......Fish stew

squid, halibut, cod, monk fish, salmon

plus potatoes, courgettes, onions, shallots, garlic, dried apricots and crushed tomatoes

Absolutely brilliant.
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Interesting turn of events. After ingratiating himself with this cocaine smoking, brandy imbibing, car stealing, unhygienic band of Gypsy Flamenco players - so as to instill in himself the spirit of Flamenco - our author comes to the conclusion that, actually, they are not a particularly impressive bunch of performers.


I'm not a fan of the telephone. I actually dread receiving phone calls unless I know beforehand that they are solely for the purpose of making arrangements eg squash games/meetings.

On  BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs this morning, the guest was the former President of the Irish Republic, Mary Robinson. As a teenager, she attended a finishing school in Paris for 12 months and the mantra of the mistress in charge was:

"Remember ladies, the telephone is a means of communication not conversation."

Obviously, other people view the instrument differently.

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