Friday 19 July 2013

Kember and Jones, Byres Road, Glasgow

Still not satisfied with the way this backdrop is developing.

Current state of affairs.
Then, when lying in the back garden staring at the sun through my eyelids a radical idea came to me - namely,  to cut away much of the sky and leave a dramatic, explosive and star like outline, comme ca:

I've got rid of the aeroplane in these sketches.

Currently listening to:

Released in 2001
See this blog dated 2nd December 2011 for my view of this album.

Last night's dinner:

Grilled tomatoes with Parmesan and black pudding.

Currently reading and finding somewhat heavy going:

Kember and Jones:

For some months now, on a twice-weekly basis, I've called in with a friend at Kember and Jones, Byres Road, Glasgow for a coffee and croissant.

I was unwilling to do this at first because I suspected the place of being pretentious (and we pretentious folk hate to be accused of being pretentious) and (worse) over-priced. In fact it is consistently friendly and the fayre is consistently of a very high standard.

This morning.



Andre or Dede Minvielle, my current favourite singer - see recent episodes of this blog - sings in French and Occitan.

Basically, Occitan is one of those regional languages (like Gaelic in Scotland) and according to Wikipedia, though it was commonly heard throughout Southern France at the beginning of the 20th Century has now been almost entirely supplanted by French.

It is, apparently, a UNESCO endangered language - must tell Sting the next time I see him.

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