Wednesday 17 July 2013

Simca Ariane

I've two HO scale models of the Simca Ariane.

They look more Ariane-like when you consider their radiators:

The car on the left is all plastic by an unknown French manufacturer. The one on the right I bought second-hand from a brocante vide grenier a few weeks ago in France. Its manufacturer is Norev and it has a metal chassis and clear windows

Apparently, Simca took over a Ford factory in France after the Second World War and there was a cross-fertilisation of Fords with Simcas thereafter.

The Ford Vedette became the Simca Vedette and then Simca fitted the smaller Simca Aronde engine into it and it became the Simca Ariane.

Ford Vedette
Simca Vedette

Simca Ariane.
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Dede Minvielle:

Last night's dinner:

Started with a roll-top herring

Rib-eye steaks prior to cooking.

Forgot to take a photograph of the final dish which was steak plus potatoes plus shallots.


The view while waiting for a bus to take me home after Mass this morning.

St Paul's, Whiteinch, Glasgow.

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