Thursday 18 July 2013

Cwmbach Male Voice Choir

Decided to darken up the sky in the backdrop to my layout with a coat of purple glitter paint.



 Frustratingly, not a lot of difference.

But, I suppose when you compare it to the original state last week before I carried out all these adjustments, then there has been a significant improvement.

10 days ago.
It's a more fulsome image now.

Currently listening to:

The Cwmbach Male Voice Choir
Listening to this choir brings back so many memories of my parents.

Last night's dinner:

Quiche and salad
Currently reading:

Just beginning to get into this very serious book.


This was the book that had such a big influence on me when I read it on holiday in France last year. Its unashamed depiction of a man on a mental and spiritual mission freed me up to consider all sorts of options for my own life.

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