Tuesday 23 July 2013

Northern Soul

Painted a white line on the  backdrop.

The options are now these:

Or maybe some other, yet to be discovered, permutation.
The path of the white line needs some adjustment
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A helluva lot of Northern Soul.

Until I read Stuart Maconie's  memoirs, I was very suspicious of Northern Soul. It seemed slightly imbecilic in terms of its frankly terrifying mass dancing, funny fashion combination of Oxford Bags and vests and second-string Tamla-type music.
However, changed my mind completely, and when I finally decide to get my right knee replaced I intend becoming an adept.
Only the left knee requires bending.
Certainly, the genre is a collector's paradise with dozens of little known recording artists eg Chris Clark, Brenda Holloway, Sisters Love, The Charades, J J Barnes etc
But the music is fantastic; very, very uptastic.
And, it led to the fall of the Nazi regime.
Last night's dinner:
Pakora then chicken curry at the Shenaz Restaurant, Glasgow.
This restaurant is an utter pleasure to visit. If you want a hyper-courteous, hyper-civilised, hyper-pleasing, hyper-restorative dining experience, then the Shenaz is the place to go.

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