Wednesday 3 July 2013

Norev Models

With the help of the receptionist at these holiday appartments who phoned around a few shops in the region - using an old-fashioned telephone directory to locate them - we headed for the town of Anglet some 25 miles south of here in order to pay a visit to a French model shop.

We knew that it would close for lunch at 12.30 but with 2 hours in which to accomplish a 30 mile journey we thought that would not present a problem.

To cut a long story short we arrived there at 12.29. At this point we had given up ever finding the shop and were returning home via some leafy suburbs. Nobody in Anglet had ever heard of the street, Rue Jean Mouton, or the Mall, Center Urbegi - not helped, of course, by my pronouncing it "Oorbeggy". Suddenly, out of the corner of the windscreen I spotted both the street name and the words, "Centre Urbegi". Swooped into a car park behind a concrete row of shops - hardly a mall - and rushed in.

Actually, they had hardly any train stuff, but I bought two darling  little Norev HO scale cars.

Darling little Simca
Darling little Peugeot 403
Sorry about the darlings, been reading too much Rupert Everett.

Currently listening to:

Lux by Alex Smoke

I first heard of the local shepherds on stilts when we were here about 7 years ago and didn't believe that they existed or had ever existed.

Last night we saw a demonstration by the shepherds followed by a game of pelotte. Both of these events remind one of how strong the Landes cultural identity is still. In fact, it reminds one of how strong regional identity is generally in France.

I read somewhere that pelotte generates the fastest ball speed of any raquet/bat  game.

Last night's dinner:

Prepared on limited cooking facilities

Salmon in herb sauce and rice.
Cost per head including cheap Rose wine: £8.00

Coffee without reading matter:

Because of the palaver trying to find the model shop in Anglet, I didn't have a book with me when I had my coffee in Hossegor; that's a truly dismal experience. I must make sure that never happens again.

Coffee without reading matter.

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