Wednesday 10 July 2013

Growing Old.

The spoils of our sojourn to France - HO scale wise.

The above items were purchased at a variety of  Brocante Vide Greniers, a junk shop and a Model Shop in the French town of Anglet.

Currently listening to:

Joy of joys, it's possible and indeed, easy, to receive HotMix Radio on the internet in the UK.

Thus, I am now listening to their Lounge selection.

Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take photograph and indeed am thinking of re-vamping this section of the blog.

Will summarise the French holiday eating experience tomorrow.

Currently reading:

Thoroughly enjoying and finding difficult to put down:

Growing Old:

Came across a quotation from Rupert Everett about growing old which chimes with my experience:

"People who once appeared impossibly old are suddenly contemporaries with much more energy than oneself."

And suddenly there is too little time left and so much that one wants to do:

Now that I'm home I want to get cracking on the list of topics that I compiled while on holiday and which I've have deemed as essential study:

Form over content;
Being in itself;
Contingency (in the Sartrean sense);
Bad faith;
Symbolist poetry (indeed all poetry!);
Phenomenological reduction (in Husserl's sense).

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