Saturday 13 July 2013

Fred Astaire

Made a few more adjustments to Parisian backdrop.


Eiffel Tower amended

Aeroplane windows outlined, windows in buildings darkened.
Tempted to outline all windows with black Magic Marker but if that's over the top then it would be difficult to undo it.

Currently listening to:

Fred Astaire, the dancer, over-shadows Fred Astaire, the singer. One thinks of his singing as very much a second string to his bow. But actually, I love his voice and his vocal stylings.

Last night's dinner:

Chicken biryani at an Indian Restaurant in Lenzie - north of Glasgow.

Currently Reading:

The monthly magazine reporting on the missionary activities in Africa and South America. I always find at least 4 articles which are very worth reading - which is a better average than with most magazines.

Miscellany Risqué:

Every now and again one comes across something very interesting or very funny but one hesitates to share it because of its risqué or potentially politically incorrect nature.

Here is one such item.

As I was saying yesterday, Stuart Maconie's memoir just gets better and better and the chapters on Madchester are a case in point.

Here he is describing his first meeting with that shambolic Manchester band, the Happy Mondays - a bunch of scallywags if ever there was one.

Referring to all of the famous street wise bands of the early pop era eg Rolling Stones; Clash; Ramones he then draws a comparison with the Happy Mondays:

"In most cases, it's patently clear that these are really musicians who look like a gang, dress like a gang, act like a gang, trying on those bits of outlaw chic that look good ... Only once have I ever come a cross a group who were obviously a gang first and a band second, who were clearly in this as much for the perks, camaraderie and 'doss' as they were for the music." p 244

But what really illustrates the attitude of the Happy Mondays is, and I quote from Maconie, that when they handed in to the record company the track list for their first album, the title of the opening track was: "Some Cunt from Preston."

I've been chortling at that for the last 48 hours.

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