Sunday 21 July 2013

More experiments with backdrop

When cycling through an underpass in Glasgow this afternoon, I saw some ceramic tile depictions of buildings in Glasgow, obviously there to cheer the place up and humanise it.

What struck me about the colours was their "paleness" and that reminded me that backgrounds are traditionally depicted in paler terms than the foreground so as to create an illusion of distance.

At the moment, my backdrop, at least the sky element of it is not in the slightest bit pale; it's vivid.

When I have placed it in position behind the layout it has tended to overwhelm the HO scale buildings of the layout - perhaps I should tone down the sky.

BUT, that's the traditional position.

I want to make the sky a feature as it often is in the minds of a city's inhabitants as they labour under its influence.

Hence ideas such as these:

So, it's clear to me that I want the sky to be a feature and not mere background BUT at the same time it must not overwhelm the layout's model buildings that lie in front of it.

Well, ignoring all that, here is another attempt ................

Currently listening to:

Desert Island Discs with guest Russell Brand on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer.

As one would expect a very entertaining programme and I approve of Brand's insistence that life and death are so obviously important that they should be kept to the forefront of one's mind at all times.

Also, the best selection of music for some time from Morrissey, Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave and someone called Daniel Johnston about whom I know zero.

With host Kirsty Young
Last night's dinner:

A hugely enjoyable combination of scallops, black pudding and courgettes.

Currently reading:

For the last 10 days I've been switching back and fore amongst these three commentaries on Sartre. by Arthur C Danto, Iris Murdoch and Mary Warnock respectively.

Gradually, I'm beginning to see the nature of the phenomenological landscape.

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