Monday 19 May 2014

8 Down, 0 to Go

Installed the last three windows in the dome of the church.

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Last night's dinner:

Scallops on bed of roasted pepper and pesto plus rice.
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One of the most powerful books I have ever read.

If you feel that you have hit rock bottom, through your own stupidity, then this book could be a consolation.

Miscellany 1:

Set up new petite snare drum - will easily fit into hand luggage.

Comparison with existing drum.
Miscellany 2:

Off to Oran Mor in Glasgow tonight:

To see Graham Gouldman singing his own stuff:

Gouldman's songwriting career spans 50 years.

From 1965, while working by day in a men's outfitters shop and playing by night with his semi-professional band, he wrote a string of million-selling hit songs: as well as "For Your Love" he penned "Heart Full of Soul" and "Evil Hearted You" for The Yardbirds, "Bus Stop" and "Look Through Any Window" for The Hollies, "No Milk Today" and "Listen People" for Herman's Hermits, "Pamela, Pamela" for Wayne Fontana, "Behind the Door" for The St. Louis Union and Cher, "Tallyman" for Jeff Beck.

Over the course of the next 33 years, 10cc scored three UK No.1 singles and five Top 10 albums, with Gouldman co-writing some of their biggest hits, including "The Wall Street Shuffle" (1974), "I'm Not in Love" (1975), "I'm Mandy, Fly Me" and "Art For Art's Sake" (1976), "The Things We Do for Love" (1977) and "Dreadlock Holiday" (1978).

And more recently he penned a number 1 single for McFly.

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