Thursday 8 May 2014

Lugubrious Drummers

The glue sandwiched between the layers of acetate from which the stained glass windows will be formed is very, very slowly showing signs of drying to its ultimate state of transparency. The dark patches are the desired dried transparent areas.

So, while that process is continuing, I'm going to experiment with wool dipped in glue as a possible means for making the leading which separates panes of stained glass.

Drew a practice cross on which to stick some lengths of wool.

Two strands of wool waiting to be glued.

My first approach was to smear a length of wool completely in the glue.

But that process actually flattened the wool as well as making my fingers horribly and unacceptably sticky.

So, for the shorter cross member, I laid down a line of glue and pressed the wool onto it.

I think that's the method I'll use when I approach the leading of the windows themselves.

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I plugged the phrase "lugubrious drummers" into Google.

The first drummer to appear was:

Charlie Watts

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