Sunday 11 May 2014

The French Grip

Had another go at "leading" the acetate stained glass windows.

Abandoned the use of wool - it was too stretchy and thus difficult to keep in position.

And tried instead this string which has no stretch in it..

Holding the windows in place with my fingers. The apertures need a little trimming to get a snug fit for the window frames.

Currently listening to:

Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 where the guest was the British comedian, Jack Dee; and, an excellent guest he was too.

Jack Dee
Among his 8 selections, he chose a song by the poet John Hegley, who once, from the stage of the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, read aloud a short poem of mine. (Honestly, he did.)

John Hegley
 Bob Newhart's brilliant sketch about Walter Raleigh introducing tobacco to the New World, a huge favourite of mine as a child listening to the radio.

Bob Newhart
And the theme tune to one of his (and my) favourite sit-coms: The Likely Lads

The Likely Lads
And the record he chose from the 8 if he could keep only 1:

Last night's dinner:

Duck in Juniper sauce plus Veg - from "Cook" frozen food range.

Followed by spouse-made rhubarb crumbles.

Currently reading:


Without permission from my tutor, I've unilaterally decided to change the grip I use to hold the right hand drum stick - or more accurately, brush - from the American/German to the French grip.

Existing "American/German" grip

Newly adopted "French" grip
What prompted the change was a problem I was having with pivoting the RHS brush to generate fast brush movement and rolls. The "French" grip uses the index finger as a fulcrum with the thumb holding the stick steady and I find that allows me to pivot the brush more readily.

Hope the tutor approves.

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