Monday 26 May 2014

Full steam ahead with the Lego.

I think the idea of building a pitched roof out of black Lego is viable.

Unfortunately, I don't have nearly enough black Lego bricks, so I built this mock-up out of the multi-coloured selection that was available.

And ordered some additional black bricks from eBay; surprisingly inexpensive.

Currently listening to:

On BBC Radio 3 iPlayer, an episode from last week of "Through the Night" with the:

Last night's dinner:

Supermarket chicken curry with rice AND paratha
 Getting increasingly addicted to curries.

Today's lunch:

Fried tomatoes on potato scones.
Currently reading:

Still found nothing to read.

So, Googled "Nothingness", and these two images came up.

And decided to take the hint and re-acquaint myself with this monster.


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