Wednesday 7 May 2014

Best laid plans...............................

Yesterday, I described my replacing the monochromatic stained glass windows in the church's dome with windows each consisting of 4 different coloured panels.

The dome

Windows removed

Cutting the new panels from coloured acetate sheets

The 8 new windows.
But when I held the sheet of new windows up to the light, the panels were opaque. The glue which I used to stick the panels to the clear acetate backing is meant to dry transparent. But, even after 24 hours the glue sandwiched between the coloured acetate panels and the clear acetate backing sheet has not dried and remains white.

Will it dry eventually? Perhaps air cannot get between the layers of acetate.

So, I brought the sheet down to the kitchen where the stove is always on - perhaps some warmth is required to complete the drying process.

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An hour long mix of electronica by Golden Teacher
Last night's dinner:

Liver, pesto and boiled rice.
Currently reading:

Just finished Richard Holloway's outstanding memoir:

Richard Holloway has led the most amazing life ending up as Episcopalian Bishop of Edinburgh; or as he puts it, Bishop of Edinburgh.

Having read the book I would describe him in glowing terms: admirable, courageous, compassionate, honest, creative, intelligent, fascinating, humorous, original, dedicated, loyal, cultured, sophisticated, articulate, generous, tolerant and so on.

But, as far as his views about Christianity are concerned , I would say, he is wrong.


Every month I get an email from a French model railway magazine called Manon LR Presse.

They advertise various pieces of hardware that they have on offer eg a locomotive, rolling stock, model buildings and so on.

This month, amongst the to be expected items they are offering this:

Why on earth would a model railway fan be interested in this????

It's described as a 3 room house with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Here's the link if you want a closer look.

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