Saturday 3 May 2014

Rossmore Road

Yesterday, I made a bit of a mess applying a red felt tip pen outline to the "Balthazar" sign.

So, I tried to ameliorate the situation by adding even more red.

And, actually, I think there is an improvement. Looks like a homely wee restaurant.

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Can't see past this hour long mix.
25 years ago, the Radio 1 DJ Anne Nightingale hosted a cult evening radio show that was tuned into by students all over the UK - this was before the days of student loans; a time when students went to university with the laudable aim of enjoying themselves for a few years.

I loved this show too - it was very punk/rock'n'roll/guitar based. 

This was one of her most requested records of that era.

I loved this record.

But then she underwent some kind  of sonic metamorphosis and switched to playing exclusively electronic dance music. She refused to look back.

I'm the same; I now can't see past electronic music. I now find guitar based music boring, and my attention wanders. 

Electronic music provides all my musical needs (with a bit of Bossa Nova thrown in).

Anne Nightingale
An aside: some years ago I asked a colleague of mine whether her husband, who had a colossal record collection, possessed a copy of "Rossmore Road" since I couldn't find my copy.

She came in the next day and reported that her husband had told her to inform me that he didn't collect crap music.
Last night's dinner:

Take away chicken curry from the Shenaz.
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The latest edition of "Africa": as usual, a most uplifting read.


This afternoon my niece gets married here:

With reception here:

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