Thursday 1 May 2014

Using photos from internet for scenery.

Once again I searched the internet for photographs from which to make an item of scenery.

This time I wanted to make an "above the door" sign for the restaurant whose outside tables will be situated in the church square.

I chose this one:

Reduced it in size, printed it out at the most superior print quality setting, cut it out and stuck it on card.

The curve suited the shape of the entrance doors.

Currently listening to:

These podcasts that I've recently been downloading are basically hour long segments of continuous electronic dance or electronic experimental music.

I'm beginning to appreciate the skill which goes into assembling a sequence of continuous tracks. They are almost like symphonies in that they seem to have a structure; no idea what the structures are. Discovering successful structures might make an interesting study for a musicologist.

So, today (for the umpteenth time) I've listened to the hour long podcast made up by Leisure Muffin.

Last night's dinner:

Beef pie and baked potato.
Currently reading:

What an unusual person Richard Holloway is.


I'd always assumed that Balthazar was this chap:

From the Book of Daniel - "the writing on the wall"
But the name seems to be more commonly used to refer to one of the Three Wise Men.

It also refers to a 12 litre bottle of wine which is equivalent to 16 standard bottles of wine.

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