Saturday 31 May 2014

More black Lego bricks.

Pretty well completed the pitched roof.

The next step is to fill in the gap between the pitched sections of the roof; and also to fit some garret windows.

Verdict: I'm very pleased with the decision to "go Lego". The strong blackness of the bricks coordinates with the black of the Eiffel Tower and the other backdrop buildings.

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The May podcast from Optimo on Rinse FM.

Last night's dinner:

Almost finished the fish and chips before I remembered to take photograph.
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I can thoroughly recommend this book.

I'm sorry that I can't take photographs of the Samba group in action but it would be logistically difficult to do so and I would have to ask the permission of the other members and I'm not sure I want them knowing about this blog.

Anyway, we had our most successful performance to date at a community event in Barmulloch, north Glasgow - very sunny.

I guarded the drums while the others dashed off to the toilets.

 Three photos of the event.

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