Monday 5 May 2014

Lighting HO scale stained glass windows.

Installed the LED lights under the stained glass windowed dome of the church.

The LED lights

The unlit dome.

Quite difficult to arrange the background lighting conditions so that the illumination can be seen in a photograph. Here are a few shots.

Not fully satisfied with the look of the dome itself. The black felt tip pen lines that form the leading of the stained glass are not a success. I'm going to superimpose lengths of string on the black lines to give the leading some depth. I might also stick something on top of the dome eg a little cross sitting on a miniature dome or domelet!

Comme ca.

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Last night's dinner:

A hurriedly made fish stew with scraps from the local supermarket fish counter: tuna, cod, trout plus mushrooms plus chunks of courgette.

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Gripping..... actually, it is.

There was something lovely about the Dakota.

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