Friday 16 May 2014

Fitted another stained glass window frame.

These stained glass windows are proving quite fiddly to fit into the waiting apertures of the dome.

Glued on brass rods to remove an unwanted curvature in the windows

Currently listening to:

Daniel Barenboim playing Beethoven's last 3 piano sonatas: 30 -32.

The young Barenboim

Last night's dinner:

Visit to the Shenaz Restaurant in Glasgow


Chicken Curry
Currently reading:

After the Shenaz, walked across the road to the Mitchell Library and picked these three books.

The middle book is Quartet by Jean Rhys

Started with this one.
"Wake in Fright" is set some time in the 20th Century and starts in the Australian outback - not usually my scene - but moves quickly to urban centres.


Today, we cycled along the side of the Clyde to Glasgow Green.

Steel barriers being erected around the Green in readiness for a huge open air concert next week.

Nearby, St Alphonsus RC Church

I went to Mass here once and instead of an organ, a little chap played the accordion

There's a museum in the Green with artifacts from everyday life over the years. My eye was taken by this black and white photograph.

I remember "Bayko" from my own childhood. It was VASTLY superior to Lego.

Vertical metal rods were inserted into holes in a baseboard and the components then slotted onto them.

On the way back took these photos of a fairly recent development of apartments that could be in the middle of the countryside but are in fact only 2 minutes from our house.

They look quite exposed and wind swept.

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