Saturday 10 May 2014

Fitting HO scale stained glass windows

Using wool to form the leading of the stained glass windows was not successful - it was too springy and fiddly and unruly to apply.


I'll try something else.

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Same as yesterday - Optimo's April podcast on Rinse FM.

These 2 hour podcasts are full of a variety that one would not think electronic music capable of. The fact that one of  the two Optimo DJs hosts and presumably programmes the first hour and his partner does the same for the second hour increases this variegation.

The least I can do is find a new photograph.

Optimo: sitting on some steps in Glasgow, I would surmise.
Last night's dinner:

Utterly superb Chicken in Butter curry from Sainsbury's supermarket.

Currently reading:


Despite the fact that my late parents and me have nothing in common with Ben Watt and his elderly parents, that doesn't stop what he has to report ringing completely true with me. A great book.


My first attempt at a "mind map" to help me with my exploration of the philosophy of substance and properties.

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