Wednesday 21 May 2014

Installing LED lights to illuminate HO scale church stained glass windows.

Made a reflector to prevent light straying out of cracks and gaps in the church and creating unwanted areas of light and shadow.

Foil covered octagon of card.

The cluster of LED lights.

The dome in position.
Too tired to stoop under the baseboard to connect the lights to a power supply - will do that tomorrow.

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Nina Simone

Last night's dinner:

Unbelievably, forgot to take photograph - it was chicken in soy sauce.

Looked quite like this.

Currently reading:

It's passable - don't really believe in the characters.
And it pales into complete insignificance when I consider the book I've just finished.

(I notice that my wife has just started "Wake in Fright". I predict that it will be given very short shrift.)


Cycled in the sun through Kelvingrove Park on my way to a solo Samba drumming practice session.

After I'd finished practising, the chap in charge of the Arts Centre, Noel Bridgeman, asked me to listen to him singing a song he had just learned. 

Noel Bridgeman
I was astonished on two counts.

Firstly, the quality of his voice was unbelievably good - sheer class.

Secondly, the song he was trying out (directly from the sheet music - he'd never heard the original rendering) was one of my all time favourites:

Matt Munro
It was like being in the presence of greatness.

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