Thursday 29 May 2014

More Lego work.

Replacing the coloured bricks with black ones is more difficult than I'd anticipated. As soon as I remove 2 or 3 coloured bricks, I can't remember where they were positioned in order to replace them with the black bricks.

Anyway, I tackled one side of the roof.

Started on the left hand section.

Quite pleased with the effect. usually, I despise (strong word) those arrays of studs on top of completed Lego buildings, but on this occasion, serendipitously, the studs add a beneficial texture to the roof.

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Last night's dinner:

Forgot to photograph it, but it was the same as this meal from last week:

Supermarket chicken curry
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A comic book introduction to Sartre.


No percussion lesson this week because my tutor's band, "Golden Teacher", are playing at a festival in Lyon, France.

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