Wednesday 11 January 2012

The Ceramics Class

Great relief. Had a fear that we would all be made to make pots or bowls in this evening class that I started attending last night. But I was immediately put at my ease by the lecturer who said that we could each do whatever we liked eg bowls, plates, tiles, sculptures .... and with whatever clay we liked eg stoneware, porcelain ......

When I said that I wanted to make buildings for my model railway the reaction was immediately encouraging and enthusiatic and that went for the other students as well as the lecturer. A most satisfying evening.

To get me started and familiar with a few basic techniques, I produced a building facade - basically a tile.  The night before I had looked out a  photo/diagram in HO scale of a French town house on which I was going to base my clay piece (in the hope that we would be allowed to make such things and not just pots). However, I was so harassed at work and got in so late that I forgot to take it with me to the class.

Therefore, I just made the design up out of my head. It was clearly too large for HO scale but served as a learning exercise.

It will be painted next week and in subsequent weeks glazed and fired etc.


Still in this Super Discount 2 mood.

But who is Etienne de Crecy - the man behind Super Discount? Well, here's a photo of him in action.

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