Monday 16 January 2012

Some YouTube videos.

Have just watched an excellent 20 minute video/tutorial by Everard Junction on installing point motors and polarity switches.

The chap reckons it takes about 1 hour per set of points to do it. He was using a different motor from the PECO motor I have. I think it was by Gaugemaster. Appeared more robust.


Galina Ustvolskaya:

Here is a very funny video on youTube of somebody pretending to play a piece by Ustvolskaya.

Here, on the other hand, is a short 8 minute documentary with some beautiful playing of Sonata No 5. Flick towards the end if you want  a musical sample.

I like this commentary:

"The music of Galina Ustvolskaya is not 'avantgarde' in the commonly accepted sense of the word and for this reason was not openly censured in the USSR. However, she was accused of being unwilling to communicate and of ‘narrowness’ and ‘obstinacy’. It is only in the recent past that her critics have begun to realize that these supposed deficiencies are in fact the distinguishing qualities of her music. The composer Boris Tishchenko has aptly compared the ‘narrowness’ of her style with the concentrated light of a laser beam that is able to pierce through metal."

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