Monday 30 January 2012


Atmosphere: I suppose the atmosphere I want my layout to have - and this, rather than a love of model trains, is the motivation behind the project - is that of Maigret's Paris.

Here are two pictures from the internet gleaned by Googling "Maigret" and "Gare du Nord". You will see the Gare du Nord in the far right/top of the picture from his Official website. And more prominently in the lower picture.

This atmosphere has captured many people's imaginations over the years. For example, here is an extract from the Daily Mail that I stumbled across by accident on the internet.

"We're not talking haute cuisine here but we are talking authentic. I mean the sort of modest little place where Maigret might have gone for comfort during a particularly difficult case.

The decor isn't retro-chic - it just hasn't been changed for years. The place is small, probably family-run, and the clientele is not particularly fashionable and mostly French.

No one is in a hurry and you can sit around in your shirtsleeves and relax. The food is traditional and honest, and so are the welcome and the prices. It costs about €25 (£17.50) per person, including drinkable house wine.

Anyone who has been to Paris recently will know how vanishingly rare such establishments are, but they do exist. I've lived in the French capital for 16 years, long enough to seek out a handful."


Modus Operandi

Not a huge fan of drum 'n' base. The term sounds moronic. However, I do enjoy listening to this 1998 album from Photek - real name, Rupert Parkes.

Don't know anything about him but copied and pasted this sentence from Wikipedia. I presume they don't mind.

In December 2011 he was nominated for the 54th Grammy Awards in the 'Best Remix' category for his rework of Daft Punk's 'End Of Line' for the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

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