Friday 27 January 2012

Finalising the position of the points

There was a spare pair of points so I decided to insert an extra branch of line at the far end of the station. There will be no adjacent platform for this new branch; it will be used to station a little shunting engine that will be used to disengage carriages from locomotives and re-arrange train formations generally.



One of the existing sets of points had to be moved because the plastic rod which controlled the switching of the points from one branch to another was fouling an adjacent line. The end of the rod is circled in the picture below. The original position was at A where the fouling was taking place. A very short section of track was inserted thus moving the points and the end of the rod away from the line it was fouling when extended in its most outward position.

 Charles-Valentin Alkan (1780–1855)

This eccentric French composer wrote a set of 48 very short pieces for the piano: his Esquisses.

Steven Osborne, a much admired Scottish pianist made an excellent recording of all 48 Esquisses.

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