Monday 4 March 2013

£3.69 per Head.

That's the roof pretty well finished.

Quite a few more bits and pieces to add - including the contents of the shop windows. I'll find some photos on the web of 1960s Parisian haut-couture and stick them on. I think this building should have a high class feel to it.

Currently listening to:

The best live performance on record that I've got in my collection is an EP (extended player) by the Rolling Stones called "Got Live If You Want It!" from 1965.

Last night's dinner:

Dover sole (from Fantoosh), black pudding and broccoli
Cost per head: £7.50

Looking back over the past 7 days (prior to last night's) the cost per head of each evening meal was as follows:

Sunday £5.80
Monday £4.75
Tuesday £0.75
Wednesday £1.50
Thursday £4
Friday Free ( had a great dinner at my niece's cooked by her husband)
Saturday £9

That's an average of £3.69 per meal or £25.80 per week

Not sure what to make of that.


Yesterday, for various practical reasons, limited the session to 20 minutes.

Didn't feel like chanting anything or focusing on anything.

Instead, occasionally asked that the Holy Spirit should enter my being, but otherwise sat in silence.

Comments: a pleasurable enough session, crossed-leg position somewhat easier to attain, and found my vision swirling pleasurably as I stared at a patch on a wall-radiator that I happened to be sitting a couple of metres away from.

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