Monday 18 March 2013

Eels tonight.

Tried to shop local today for some simple on-off switches that will operate the isolation of sections of the track - as discussed in recent blog re DC and DCC operation.

Completely impossible to get a board mounted unit.

Not much easier on the internet.

What I was looking for was something like this - about 3 cm in diameter.


But all that is available is the toggle type switch.

Will have to go with the toggle - a bit fiddly to attach to the baseboard.

Last night's dinner:

A quite superb lamb hot pot.

Cost per head: approx £4.50

Eels tonight at the O2 Academy, Glasgow.

I've no idea how many musicians will be involved - it seems to vary.

Rather like Bob Dylan, Mark Oliver Everett, who basically is Eels, tends not to perform his songs as they sound on record but rather gives renderings of them according to his mood, the particular musicians who happen to be in the band at the time, and the circumstances on the night of the performance.

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