Wednesday 13 March 2013


Ceramics update:

Last night continued with the two remaining buildings still on the chocks.

1) St Paul-St Louis

Out of the kiln from its firing of the coloured panels.

Final touch was to paint the cross Gold

Close up of the Gold cross
Yes, I know it's red, but next week this very expensive paint will emerge a brilliant Gold from the kiln

2) Row of apartments:

The windows etc were picked out in several coats of Shellac. This took a long time and classmates kept looking over my shoulder and saying things like "Tony, you must have the patience of a Saint."

But, I know that I do not have much patience. This task was mindless and I like sitting down at a table doing mindless tasks. At home I would have listened to music: in a classroom I was happy just to listen to all the chit-chat of my classmates.

I could have been sitting in an asylum doing an hour of basket weaving or in a prison sewing mailbags..

Patience is required only when you are doing an unpleasant or difficult task. Clearly the rest of the class view what I do as being at the least unpleasant - and probably pointless.

Last night's dinner on a shoestring:

Whole Rainbow trout from supermarket: £2.02

Chopped artichokes: £1

Trout and artichokes
Cost per head: £3.02

The great joy was discovering a discount shop where all sorts of groceries were available at knockdown prices eg the artichokes


Did 25 minutes of cross-legged meditation following my sister's suggestions about breathing - see yesterday's blog.

After 10 minutes felt a differential emerging in how the air felt as it passed through my nostrils: sometimes left nostril only, sometimes right nostril only.

It will require practice.


Saw the French film "Untouchable" at the cinema this morning: special price of £3 for oldies like myself.

The cinema was packed: 75% had either a limp or a walking stick or both.

2 criticisms:

1) There were 3 or 4 unbearably "cute" or corny moments.

2) There is no way an urban black Parisien would want to listen to Earth, Wind and Fire or Kool and the Gang. That must have been the musical taste of the Director.

Despite those reservations, it was one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences I've had for ages. The script was good; the acting outstanding; the cinematography stunning. It was very, very funny at times.

Best of all, was the way the film handled the issue of "Pity". That moved me greatly.

I'd definitely see this film again - really uplifting.

Currently listening to:

Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio in A minor

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