Sunday 31 March 2013

Model railways: aesthetic considerations

This is an issue that I enjoy pondering:

Today, I was browsing the internet for images of French HO scale model railway layouts. Immediately, I came across a really striking image.

What I love about it is the rendition of the building.

I then downloaded images of other French layouts with very different styles of building rendition.

For interest I've commented on each one.

Far too childish.

Impressive: but too realistic

Too childish

Realistic but also charming

Realistic but also charming
So, I'm not aiming to achieve any of the above effects.

The next model I quite like.

And the next, I really like!

It's difficult to put into words why I prefer Chez Henriette to Cordonnier and its neighbour.

But it's this final building and its setting which grabbed me immediately - wonderful. Yes, there is something childish about its rendition; yet, to my eyes it's perfect - especially that crooked telegraph pole.

Currently listening to:

Desert Island Discs (from last week):

The guest is Jasvinder Sanghera who campaigns for the rights of women, especially the right to refuse a forced marriage.

What she had to say chimed with what I've been reading in the book "Kabul Beauty School"

It's an absolute outrage what some women have to put up with at the hands of the communities into which they are born.

Last night's dinner:

Rolled lamb, carrots, aubergine, dried apricots, ground almonds and cous-cous..

The dried apricots did not need soaking. One just chucked them into the pot and they imparted the most sweet and fruity flavour to what was, in its own right, a pretty sweet tasting piece of lamb.

Cost per head: a disappointingly expensive £8.50 (due to the lamb)

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