Tuesday 19 March 2013

Eels Review

Used epoxy resin to repair an HO scale tree whose trunk had unaccountably snapped.

Supported with a tape measure and pot of glue whilst setting.

Ceramics class tonight and hoping to bring home the St Paul-St Louis church.

Last night's dinner on  a shoestring:

Scotch pie and Heinz spaghetti hoops
Approx cost per head: £2.25

Currently listening to:

In order to re-live last night's wonderful show.

Eels in Glasgow:


Some facts:

Capacity of venue: 2,500 and it was say 90% full

Average age of attendee: 45

Average annual income: say £30,000

Songs played: from an 18 year career, the band played almost ALL new stuff.

Surprising facts:

Mark Oliver Everett is pretty short (or his band members are very tall) from his photographs I'd always imagined he was huge eg

Was expecting a ramshackle group of musicians switching between pianos, ukuleles, guitars, bag pipes, tom toms, drums etc In fact, they appeared in a uniform of matching  adidas track suits and dark glasses, semi-choreographed moves and a traditional rock format of guitars, drums and bass.

Was expecting some low tempo numbers but it was pretty well rock and roll from beginning to end.


Everything: but there was a completely unexpected and brilliant rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well!" and the Small Faces' "Itchycoo Park".


They did two excellent encores, then the lights came on and most of us left to go home in the light snow.

Today, I discovered that after the lights came on, the band came back on stage and did a third encore for those who were left. Apparently, this is a fashionable trick that bands play on the crowd to separate the chaff from the true fan.

Just found this photo on the web from a recent performance in Minneapolis.

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