Tuesday 5 March 2013

Using a proper camera cf phone.

Added some "railings" made from rolls of decorative paper borders.

Used a digital camera for these pictures instead of my mobile phone.

Still to add the shop windows, canopies and possibly some pavement tables and chairs re cafe/brasserie.

Last night's dinner:

Stewed shoulder steak, potatoes, shallots and green beans
Cost per head including red wine for cooking shoulder steak: £5.50

Currently listening to:

From Radio 3's Through the Night - on iPlayer  - Prokofiev's 5th Symphony performed by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra under Valery Gergiev.

Valery Gergiev
Gergiev looks like a right tough nut.


Did the full 30 minutes yesterday without great difficulty. I'd like to reach the stage where I'm totally surprised when the alarm goes off.

Chose to focus upon yesterday morning's  Gospel reading where Jesus is chased out of town by the Pharisees who are set on stoning him. A crowd accumulates and Jesus eventually makes his escape through them.

That passage always brings home to me the fact that Jesus was an actual person, with a body and clothes. I imagine him pushing his way through the other bodies in  the crowd - a very physical and muscular image.

Specifically then, my focus was Jesus the human being.

After a while I lapsed into nothingness and listened to the silence.

Cross-legged posture was easier to hold but I was so stiff afterwards that I'd difficulty standing.

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