Sunday 17 March 2013

Tidy Workspace

My mind cannot sort the world of physical objects into sensible compartments. This is not a philosophical problem: it's a tidying up problem.

Several months ago I de-cluttered the room my layout's in by boxing up, at random, wires, pieces of rail track, sandpaper, cork underlay, screws, bulbs, small specialist modelling tools, masking tape, batteries, teeny-weeny tools, teeny-weeny parts that are not tools but still teeny-weeny, etc etc.

Needless to say, now that I want to resume the wiring of the track, I can't find anything!

So, today, I decided to spend a few hours emptying the various boxes and then re-filling them with the same objects, but sensibly desegregated.

I managed it, in that, after 90 minutes I went from the state of affairs  in the first photo to the state of affairs in the second photo.

But, I'm sure a more logical person would have sorted things out more usefully.


should things be sorted by size eg tiny railway parts kept with tiny tools?

or by function, eg a tiny hand  micro-drill in the same box as a big soldering iron with stand and cable, simply because they are both tools?

should spare wire and cabling occupy one box and should other electrical stuff be stored with it eg batteries and cable connectors

And, having made these decisions about storage categories,  which box should then be assigned to which category?


Some people are brilliant at this sorting business:

A woman interested in knitting and gardening has posted on the web this photograph of the inside of the shed on her allotment.

The Daily Telegraph ran a feature about tidy tool sheds.

I wish!
Currently listening to:

Nu:Logic, who are two brothers.

Basically, Drum 'n' bass.

Quite sensible looking people.

Last night's dinner on a shoestring:

A gherkin
Cost per head: approx £0.10.

Costs of past seven days of evening meals have stacked up as follows:

Sunday: £14
Monday: £3.50
Tuesday: £3.02
Wednesday: £1.75
Thursday: £6.50
Friday: £9.50
Saturday; £0.10

Average £5.48 per night

Which compares with last 2 weeks' nightly averages of £4.11 and £3.69

Oh dear!

Matters revelationary:

Never felt happier or more relaxed and not in the slightest bit worried about declaring this fact to the world.

The concept of tempting fate has vanished.


  1. Being too organised is boring, be a procrastinator and have the thrill of getting there eventually SAOB

    1. That's probably a realistic assessment of the situation!