Friday 15 March 2013


Started some significant clearing of clutter in preparation for forging ahead with the final 10% of wiring.

Last night's meal:

Sea bream


With courgettes and mushrooms
Cost per head: £6.50

Currently listening to:


Mosca is a Radio 1 DJ and here's the blurb about him from BBC website.

"Mosca brings you the best in underground club music, from deep house to dancehall, techno to grime, garage and other urban sounds from around the world."

Meditation and Revelations:

My plan was to take a 6 month sabbatical from work for the purposes of intensifying my religious sensibilities. The vehicle for achieving that (the only vehicle I could think of) was to have been meditation.


But, yesterday morning I achieved everything that I set out to do: I had my revelation - Jesus loves me; God loves me. I feel no desire to seek any further illumination.


1) God obviously hands out revelations at a time and place to suit him.

For some reason, God gave me my revelation yesterday.

Not only did I not have to complete my 6 months of daily meditation, but also I completely failed to adhere to my Lenten observances! God works in mysterious ways.

2) Meditation: Suddenly, there is no need for me to pursue any more meditation. I may well indulge in yoga though, for purely health and fitness reasons.

3) What next? Who knows - I'll take each day as it comes. But I feel a damn sight more cheerful.

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