Thursday 9 May 2013

A Disappointment

Tidying up the wiring:

Before I finally install the wiring for the platform lights, I must tidy up the wiring that is already under the baseboard.

There are three sets of wires already in position and they bring power to:

the 4 sets of electric points

the 6 sections of isolating track

and to the actual rails themselves.

At present, those wires and cables are dangling - see photos below - and I need to tidily hoist them up and attach them closely to the underside of the baseboard. Not sure how to do this. Masking tape loses its grip; gaffer tape is difficult to prise away if one needs to make adjustments at a later date. Screwing hooks into the underside of plywood would be very hard work. Will have to have a think about this.

The wires yet to be installed for the platform lighting

Side view of baseboard

3 sets of existing wires to be tidied up
Currently listening to:

Bruckner's 7th Symphony - very consoling.

Currently reading:

Went to local library and picked up these four books in the hope that at least one of them engages me.

"Diary" by Chuck Palahniuk;
"The Gordian Knot" by Bernard Schlink;
"Sexus" by Henry Miller which is the first volume of his trilogy "The Rosy Crucifixion" and was the first book that I saw on the shelves today - a bit of a coincidence bearing in mind yesterday's blog.
"Under The Volcano" by Malcolm Lowry;
Last night's dinner:
Cauliflower cheese sauce and tomatoes
Cost per head: £1.25
Tango update:
Last night's session was a total disaster from beginning to end. Felt as if I had never attended a Tango lesson in my life. I would say back to several places before square one. Think I'll call it a day. I've tried but failed.
But the real disappointment of the week is that I feel abandoned by God: I no longer feel the presence of Jesus beside me and haven't done for the last few days.
I still have my faith entirely intact. I believe in God, in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit: I simply don't feel them present beside me as I have done over the last 5 or 6 weeks.
I don't know why this has happened and I don't know what to do about it; but I desperately want the three of them back.


  1. Be patient I'm sure they will return.

  2. I'm sure too. But I find each day without their presence to be dejecting. However, it is important to be 100% honest when discussing these issues.