Saturday 18 May 2013

Chemical Metal and Ceramics

Because of the "power of the lever" I didn't trust Plastic Padding (ie chemical metal), on its own, to join the 4th wall to the three already connected.

The first 3 walls were joined successfully with chemical metal at corners A and B. But, I felt that the pressure that the weight and length of the 4th wall joining at corner C would be too great for an adhesive on its own - it would tear itself away. So, I also installed a couple of metal braces.

Firstly, I applied chemical metal to the joint at corner C.

Then I installed a couple of braces behind the walls.

Unfortunately, the brace is set to 90 degrees whereas the corner to be braced is an obtuse angle. Bending the brace to the required angle was hard work.

A brace in position at the bottom of the walls.
And one at the top.
Yes, I attached the braces with more chemical metal.

Finally, using acrylic paints, I painted over the unsightly joint. At some point I'm going to run some HO scale ivy up the corner of the building to disguise the joint completely.

And, believe it or not model ivy is available.

Currently NOT listening to:
Radio 3 for the next 7 days.
It's "Wagner Week" on Radio - 7 days of crap as far as I'm concerned.
200 years on from his birth.
My wife stills castigates me for taking her hostage 5 years ago to a 6 hour performance of Parsifal at the Edinburgh Festival.
Whenever she has an unpleasant experience (from toothache to a poor meal) she always consoles herself by saying that at least it's not as bad as that  %$*&% -ing Parsifal.
Talking of which, here is John Cooper Clarke's excellent poem.
    Like a Night Club in the morning, you’re the bitter end.
    Like a recently disinfected shit-house, you’re clean round the bend.
    You give me the horrors
    too bad to be true
    All of my tomorrow’s
    are lousy coz of you.
         You put the Shat in Shatter
          Put the Pain in Spain
         Your germs are splattered about
         Your face is just a stain
    You’re certainly no raver, commonly known as a drag.
    Do us all a favour, here... wear this polythene bag.  
    You’re like a dose of scabies,
    I’ve got you under my skin.
    You make life a fairy tale... Grimm!

    People mention murder, the moment you arrive.
    I’d consider killing you if I thought you were alive.
    You’ve got this slippery quality,
    it makes me think of phlegm,
    and a dual personality
    I hate both of them.  

    Your bad breath, vamps disease, destruction, and decay.
    Please, please, please, please, take yourself away.

     Like a death a birthday party,
    you ruin all the fun.
    Like a sucked and spat out smartie,
    you’re no use to anyone.

     Like the shadow of the guillotine
    on a dead consumptive’s face.
    Speaking as an outsider,
    what do you think of the human race

    You went to a progressive psychiatrist.
    He recommended suicide...
    before scratching your bad name off his list,
    and pointing the way outside.

    You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart.
    You’re heading for a breakdown,
    better pull yourself apart.

    Your dirty name gets passed about when something goes amiss.
    Your attitudes are platitudes,
    just make me wanna piss.

    What kind of creature bore you
    Was it some kind of bat
    They can’t find a good word for you,
    but I can...
The bard of Salford
Last night's dinner:
Black pudding, fried eggs and fried tomatoes 
Cost per head: £2.75 

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