Monday 27 May 2013

Self adhesive cable clips + Superglue = Success

A reminder of the problem: self-adhesive cable clips would not stick to the under-surface of the plywood baseboard.
Dangling cable clips

I tried to augment the sticky properties through the addition of a special soft plastics glue, but it was too difficult to apply underneath a baseboard: a) it was very runny and dripped all over the place; and, b) both surfaces had to have glue applied and it was difficult applying glue above one's head to the plywood surface.

And, instead, resorted to supplementing the self-adhesive pads with superglue.

And, that seems to have worked - no dangling cable clips anymore.
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Last night's dinner:
A tomato sandwich
Cost per head: £0.45
New feature: a graph showing the day by day rises and falls of how much I'm spending on my evening meal - which is my main meal of the day - from 24th February 2013 until yesterday's tomato sandwich.
I'll try and refine this over the next few days - but it's cost in £s up the y - axis.

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