Wednesday 15 May 2013

Self-adhesive cable clips - disappointing result

Walked past my layout yesterday and wondered what the grey things dangling beneath the board were.

5 out of 6 holding firm, one has lost grip
Yep, 'best laid plans of mice and men'. The so-called self-adhesive clips are coming loose after only a few days.

After an initial reaction of 'woe is me' and 'woe is this model railway project', I decided to stay calm and count to 10. I suppose it will be possible to stick them in position with a powerful glue. Bit of a disappointment, though.

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Patti Smith singing "Smells like teen spirit" - great version, actually.
Some photos of Patti Smith from various stages in her life.

Last night's dinner:

Skate wing, black pudding and fennel in cream and parmesan.

La raie

Fennel in cream and parmesan

Black pudding and the flesh of the skate.

The ensemble
Cost per head: £6.50

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