Wednesday 1 May 2013

Ceramics update

The four walls of my latest HO scale Parisian building emerged from the kiln. I was curious to see how the window frames had turned out. They were under-glazed (in other words, 'painted') in Bullfrog Green. But in its pre-fired state Bullfrog Green is actually 'brown'.

Pre-firing, the window frames are brown.

And here they are after the firing:

After firing? A kind of pale olive green.
The final stage is to glaze the walls with a 'satin' finish.

This has a cloudy semi-opaque look at the moment. But once returned to the kiln for the final time, the walls should emerge with a nice satin finish. Will have to wait until next week to find out.

Currently listening to:

Damn Girl by Mike Vee

While standing at a bus stop near Byres Road yesterday afternoon, an open top sports car pulled up at the traffic lights and coming from it, very loudly, was this record. The sound filled the air and everyone was compelled to listen to it. Because the traffic light sequence is so slow at that point, we were all treated to almost 3 minutes of the record. The music really added something to the scene. I loved it and downloaded it from iTunes when I got home.

I don't suppose Mike Vee is related in any way to 60s pop star Bobby Vee.

"The Night has a Thousand Eyes" is still one of my favourite records.

Last night's dinner:

Omelet, and salad dressed with balsamic vinegar
Cost per head: £1.50

Finished reading:

This is one of the greatest novels I've ever read.

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